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The Arts, Clubs and Sports

Here is a list of the sport and clubs our school offers. If you are interesting in participating in any of these options, please feel free to talk to the teacher in charge for more information.

School Year 2017-2018
Sport / Club
Approximate time frame Teacher in charge
Cross Country
Grades 3 to 8
September - October  
Grades 7 and 8
Grade 7 and 8
November - January  
Grades 7 and 8
February - April  
Grades 7 and 8
Track and Field
Grades 3 to 8
May - June  







Knitting Club

Anyone wishing to learn how to knit gathered in the school library twice a week during morning recess.  Where they where given the opportunity to spend time with a few experienced knitters who taught them the basic craft of knitting.

St. Paul's Green Team takes Action!
St. Paul's Green Team has been going strong for 3 years now! Last year we achieved a Silver accreditation from the Ontario Ecoschool Association and are an 'official' Ecoschool! There are many initiatives and action taken on a daily basis at St. Paul's. The Green Team encourages use of both sides of every piece of paper before recycling, so they made GOOS (Good On One Side) bins last year to put next to printers. Paper that is still good on one side is used by everyone. We also have light auditors who check that lights and monitors in classrooms are turned off at recesses when the room is empty. If a room has left something on, they are given the 'energy hog' (a little pink pig) as a reminder not to HOG the energy. Students also research environmental facts and read announcements weekly to the school (daily in April). We have a bulletin board to update the school on our latest initiatives, such as battery and pop tab drives, as well as a 'No Idling' initiative.  We plant and maintain the gardens and have recycling police that make sure nothing is in the garbages that could be recycled! We invite speakers to the school to teach us about being good stewards for the Earth, we attend environmental symposiums and we celebrate 'green action' that we see happening around the school! Help us continue our mission by supporting our dead battery collection and not idling your car longer than 10 seconds when waiting in a line or parking lot. The Green Team thanks you for being an earth angel!