Library FAQs

What is a Learning Commons?

The school library has shifted into the modern Learning Commons. Same room, new concept! Instead of coming in for story time every week, Mrs. Harnden often plans activities geared towards books, curriculum concepts, and other important topics for each grade level. Students engage in STEAM activities, creative literacy based projects, and coding while still encouraging book exchanges at every visit. 

How often does my child visit the Learning Commons? 

Each class has a designated half hour in the library weekly. During this half hour they do an activity with Mrs. Harnden and exchange a book. Your child is also free to come and visit during recess or with permission from their teacher to exchange books throughout the week.  Visit our schedule page to see the weekly schedule.

How long should my child have a library book?

This depends on the age group. We expect students taking picture books to return them weekly. Students reading chapter books are encouraged to keep them until they are done reading them. All books must be returned by the second week of June every year.  Don't worry if it's overdue, we only care that it gets returned, not when!

What should I do if a book that my child has borrowed is lost or destroyed?

Don't panic! If your child borrowed a book that has been lost, just contact Mrs. Harnden. You would be surprised at how often these things show up at the bottom of backpacks, under beds, in basements, and many other places. There are no late fees at the St. Paul library. If it's two years late and you find it, just send it in. If a book has been destroyed or all hope of finding it is lost, again please contact Mrs. Harnden. If you are able to replace it, she would much appreciate it, but if you can't, don't worry about it. We will come to a solution together!

Do you accept donations?


If you have some books you are getting rid of, consider donating them to the St. Paul library!

Please understand that once they are here, they belong to St. Paul. Some books might be well suited for our collection, some might benefit the collection of a class in the school, or another school in the board.  Once the books are in our possession, we will make sure they get to a new home that will cherish them as much as you did. 

How do I know my child is getting the right book for them?

Our library is split into the following 4 sections based on reading level:

Our collection is catered to our population with the hope that there is a book for everyone. The staff at St. Paul help our students choose a book that is a good fit for their reading level and interests. 

My child is asking for a note saying they can borrow books from the red zone, what does that mean?

The Red Zone of our library is our Young Adult sections. While the books in the other three zones are categorized based on reading level, the books in the Red Zone are geared at a more mature student and may have content that our younger students are not ready for yet. Books in this section include titles like The Hunger Games and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. If you feel that your child is ready to read books on heavier topics and they're asking for permission from you, feel free to contact Mrs. Harnden if you have questions. 

More Questions? Email Mrs. Harnden at She is always happy to hear from you!